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Dedicated Sewer Backup Solutions- Residential and Commercial Sewer Cleaning

Sewer lines take care of waste and water with efficiency and speed – most of the time.  When a sewer backs up, water cannot flow into the sewer system.  Instead it comes into your home, causing major expense and inconvenience.  Mahoney Plumbing is a North Shore plumbing contractor that offers a complete range of sewer solutions. From rodding to televising and excavation and repair – we help reduce your chances for future backup problems.

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Sewer Rodding and Other Preventative Maintenance

If your sewer has backed up more than twice a year, it is time to consider some kind of treatment plan.  One very common cause of sewer backups is tree roots that enter into a sewer.  Tree roots will hang into the flow of the sewage through the pipe and over time will collect paper, feces, etc. causing your sewer to back up. As the tree ages, its roots (as a living organism) will grow larger meaning your sewer will plug up more frequently. However, any number of things can cause your sewer line to back up.

Sewer rodding is the best way to prevent sewer backups.  Sewer rodding will open the line so you can use your water again.   We also offer chemical root treatments and jetting to prevent sewer problems.  Mahoney Plumbing can perform preventative maintenance on your sewer line, and also can advise you on how frequently maintenance should be performed.

Sewer Televising and Locating

The next step in sewer services, Mahoney Plumbing offers video televising of troublesome sewer systems. A televised sewer line gives the plumber “eyes under the ground” to best diagnose why a sewer line is giving you trouble and allows Mahoney Plumbing to offer potential solutions.

Sewer Repairs and Dig Ups

Sometimes despite preventative maintenance, a sewer line simply needs to be dug up and repaired. Pipes can shift in the ground causing breaks or can be so badly damaged from roots there are no other alternatives. When a dig up is required, Mahoney Plumbing is there to fix your sewer problem.

Drain Rodding
Mahoney Plumbing provides all types of drain rodding, from kitchen and tub drains to downspouts.  Different drains back up for different reasons. Whether it’s long hair in a shower drain or food waste in a sink drain, Mahoney Plumbing has the proper tools and experience to open the lines and suggest methods to prevent future blockages from occurring.