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Sump Pumps and Battery Back-up Pumps

Given the heavy rains that can hit Chicago’s North Shore, we recommend that every home with a basement should have a sump pump system. Mahoney Plumbing is a North Shore plumbing contractor that excels in helping customers prevent their basements from the inconvenience and expense of flooding due to heavy rains.   We repair, maintain and install both main sump pumps, battery back-up sump pumps, and water-powered back-up sump pumps that require no maintenance and contain no moving parts.  We also offer water sensors, which will automatically dial your  number (and ours if so desired)  when the water level rises above a specified level.

When one of our trained technicians comes to your home, he may perform diagnostic tests to discover the cause of any problem you may be having.  He will recommend the most appropriate solutions, which may include replacing either your sump pump or battery back-up.  If so, he will advise you on the most appropriate product, including explaining the expected life.

He may also suggest an alternating system where you have two pumps that will alternate between each other so you always have an emergency pump available.  If either pump fails, an alarm will sound giving you time to call us before flooding is an issue.

How Long Should a Sump Pump System Last?

In this area, systems last between five and seven years.

Battery Back-Up Sump Pumps

Battery back-up pumps have saved thousands of North Shore homeowners from taking on water in storms when either their primary sump pump dies or the power goes out, causing the primary pump to stop working.

Mahoney Plumbing stocks and recommends battery back-up systems.   When our technicians come to your home, they will determine the battery back-up pump that is most appropriate.

In addition, here is some other information you should know.

  1. Battery Life. Batteries on back-up sump pumps are made to run continuously for about seven hours. Since sump pumps don’t run constantly, that translates typically to 24 to 48 “clock hours.” Determining how much time you have left is easier than you’d think. Most pumps have an indicator – some have number systems that display where the battery’s charge is at, some have green-yellow-red indicator lights showing a battery’s power. Still others have a light that goes on when it’s time to get a new battery. When dealing with your back-up pump the important thing is to keep your eye on it. The battery won’t last forever so monitoring the life you have left is important.
  2. New Batteries. If you need a new battery be sure it comes charged…especially in an emergency. Standard batteries do not come fully charged; they are designed to be installed and then power up completely.  In emergency situations, Mahoney Plumbing charges up batteries for those in need so the battery we install will get you through as much power-outage time as it can.
  3. Expected Life. Take note of how old your back-up system is.  Batteries typically need to be replaced every three to five years.   Back-up systems should be tested annually to confirm both the system and the battery are in good working order.

How Long Should a Sump Pump Battery Back-Up System and Battery Last?

  • A battery back-up system typically lasts between six to 10 years assuming proper battery maintenance.
  • The battery on a battery back-up system typically needs to be replaced every three to five years.  Maintenance-free batteries should be replaced every three years, and wet batteries every four to five years.