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In Floor Heating

Radiant in floor heat warms your home, and also provides other benefits.

  • Comfort – Heat radiating from under your feet warms you from the bottom up.
  • Health – The closed loop design of radiant in floor heat means dust and other allergens aren’t being forced to circulate throughout the home.
  • Efficient – Energy efficient operation uses the physics of heat rising to warm a home and can save as much as 40% on your energy bills.
  • Ease – Eliminates noises and drafts associated with fans, forced air furnaces and duct work.

Mahoney Plumbing offers two unique kinds of in floor heat – hydronic in floor heat and electric radiant in floor heat.

Hydronic In Floor Heat

Hydronic in floor heat is the most popular in floor heating option. Warm water flows through tubes located underneath the floors, radiating up and warming a room. This style of heat is ultra-comfortable and brings a level of luxury to any room.

Electric In Floor Heat

Electric in floor heat is a great alternative for smaller space projects, such as a heated shower seat or in small remodeling projects. Requiring less setup, this style of radiant floor heat provides all the same comforts of traditional radiant heat without the need for installing a boiler.