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Sewer line stoppages can cause havoc in your home.  They can lead to major damage and expensive repairs.  Yet many stoppages can be prevented simply by taking a few careful steps. All drains,... read more ->

You’ve just finished a long run, or a bike ride or some other physical activity.  Or you simply came home from a hard day at work.  What better way to unwind than to soak in your hot tub,... read more ->

When it is time to replace the water heater, it may be worth the time and effort to consider a tankless water heater.  They offer several benefits, but also several drawbacks. Benefits They... read more ->

Flooding can be expensive and messy.  That is why it is a smart idea to have a flood control system in your house.  Bear in mind that these solutions are for flooding due to storm water. ... read more ->

Happy New Year.  We know you made many New Year’s resolutions for this year.  Exercise and losing weight seem to appear on most lists.  So do travel and spending more time with family... read more ->

Soft vs. Hard Water

When you shower, clean the dishes, water the lawn, cook or just have a refreshing glass of water, do you know if you are drinking hard water or soft water?  Chances are, you are drinking... read more ->

Kitchen sinks come in many shapes and sizes.  Enameled cast iron remains a popular choice, but stainless steel, copper and other solid surface materials are also frequently purchased. No... read more ->